December 11, 2016

el vocabulario sigue

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Hello, my name is Paul Rogers.

I am a man. I am six feet one inch tall.

I weigh 240 pounds.

My hair is gray and black.

My eyes are hazel.

I live in a small house.

My house is white.

I live in Ventura, California.

My m...

December 10, 2016


Reading is necessary for adult EFL/

ESL students so that they can build their vocabulary. Many people think that conversations will build their vocabulary – but how? It is difficult to learn new words when you are speaking or listening.
In my classes I include short di...

December 10, 2016



At the restaurant

aceituna - olive

agua - water

aguafresca - fruit punch

agua purificada - purified water

aguacate -avocado

ajo -garlic

almuerzo - lunch

antojitos - appetizers

apio - celery

arroz - rice

asada - grilled

atùn - tuna

azucar - sugar

baño - bathr...

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Mistakes are an essential part of learning, as long as we learn to correct the mistake eventually.

I tell people that if they did not make any...


August 26, 2016

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