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Reading is necessary for adult EFL/


ESL students so that they can build their vocabulary. Many people think that conversations will build their vocabulary – but how? It is difficult to learn new words when you are speaking or listening.
In my classes I include short dialogues with almost all lessons, which provide the students with an opportunity to break into pairs to practice reading out loud.
Later, I use my Graded Readers, which are short articles, essays, stories, poems, etc. that contain content interesting to an adult but written at a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade level for beginning ESL students, utilizing many cognates.

Each text also includes a bilingual vocabulary. 
Inevitably every lesson contains an opportunity to practice pronunciation of difficult words and sounds, and also to introduce a grammar point usually verb tenses. If appropriate, I refer to one of my texts, again asking the students to read a lesson out loud. Exercises follow, and can be answered in writing or orally, depending on the situation.
I put many of my lessons on my Facebook page, which includes different groups: Songs, Pronunciation exercises, Grammar lessons and Readings/Lecturas. The Readings group is almost as popular as the Songs group, which is very encouraging because everyone “loves” English popular songs.

You can see my Lecturas on Google - inglesconprofepablo.

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