CLOTHES (cloz)                ROPA

hat (jat)                            sombrero

shoe (shu)                        zapato

shoe laces (shu leisis)     còrdones

socks (saks)                      calcetines

pants (pants)                   pantalones

shirt (shirt)                       camisa

skirt (skirt)                       falda

dress (dras)                      vestido

jacket (yaeket)                chaqueta

coat (cot)                          chaqueta

underwear (andrwer)     ropa interior

T-shirt (Ti-shirt)               playera

raincoat (rein cot)           impermeable

boot (but)                         bote

belt (balt)                         cinto

glove (glav)                      guante

tie (tai)                             corbata

suit (sut)                           traje

vest (vast)                        corpino


wear (uer)                  usar

dress (dras)                vestirse

put on (pat an)           ponerse

take off (teik aff)       quitarse

undress (andres)       desnudarse



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