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Included in this website are lessons that you can

use in your ESFL classes  for free. This site also accompanies my website, PUMAROSA.COM.

PUMAROSA is a free, interactive (with voice), bilingual web site for beginning and intermediate adult Spanish-speaking ESL students.

Students with little or no computer skills are able to start learning English immediately – plus computer basics.

Focusing on English pronunciation, PUMAROSA assists the students in their transition to English Only.

PUMAROSA also serves as an effective teacher’s aide, particularly in MULTI-LEVEL, MULTI-LINGUAL CLASSES.

Teachers who incorporate into their adult ESL classes have found:

  • Increased student interest and enrollment.

  • Increased student confidence when speaking English before and after class.

  • Increased frequency of speaking English in class.

  • Increased computer literacy.

  • Increased family literacy.

  • Decreased the “silent period” significantly.

  • Increased student retention.

  • Increased community interest.

PUMAROSA also serves as a basis for a Family Literacy/ESL Distance Learning program. Many adults own computers and can either use the internet or a CD-ROM of the website. 

workbooks provide additional material for home study.

PUMAROSA can be incorporated very well in a Workplace English class. A company or factory can set up computer kiosks in a lunchroom or classroom for employees.

Thank you,
Paul Rogers


"We have had such a positive reaction from our students using this site. A computer session is part of almost all of our ESL classes. We have recommended several internet sites in addition to the programs already installed on our computers. At times, nearly half the class is using Pumarosa. I asked the students what they liked about it they said that it was easy to understand and they liked that everything was explained in Spanish. They also liked hearing the sounds in English. From an instructor's point of view, many of our students come to us completely computer illiterate. To see these students, within a few class sessions, using an Internet site is very exciting and speaks about the accessibility of the site." 
- Mona Curtis
  ESL Coordinator 
  Treasure Valley Community College
  Ontario, OR

"I think is a great website that people of all ages can use. It could be used as a distance learning program for people that cannot attend school and/or college to learn English. The way that the sections of the website are set up makes it easy for second language learners to navigate. The audio feature that is used for exposure to native pronunciation is interesting. Pumarosa is, I believe, the quickest way to learn the basics of English. OVERALL RATING 9 (on a scale of 1 to 10)" 
- Lourdes Rivera


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