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My City

I live in a big city called Hometown, USA.


There are over 100,000 people who live in this city.


There are 25 schools, 15 churches, 2 synagogues, 1 mosque, one police station, two fire stations, a city hall, two  libraries, two hospitals, one bus station, and one movie theater.


There are many businesses.



Home – hogar

Town – pueblo, villa, ciudad

City – ciudad

Street – calle

Boulevard – bulevar

Road –camino real

Drive - camino

Avenue - avenida

School – escuela

Church – iglesia

Synagogue – Sinagoga

Mosque – mezquita

Police station – estaciòn de la policià

Fire station – estaciòn de bomberos

City hall – parage donde reunen los diputados del pueblo

Library – biblioteca

Bus station – estaciòn de camiones

Hospital – hospital

Business – negocio







I used to ride the bus a lot when I was a kid.


I would take a bus to go to play on my Little League Baseball Team.


My friend, Randy,  and I would take the bus to go to a movie in the next city.


I remember going on a bus with my mother to Boston.





How much is the bus fare?


How much does the bus cost?


Which bus do I take to go to Main Street?


What bus goes downtown?


Can I get a transfer?

Transfer please.




Used to – solìa

Team – equipo

Bus – camiòn

Bus station

– estaciòn de camiones

Bus stop – parada

Fare – tarifa

Senior citizens – majores ded tercera edad


– billete de transbordo

Passenger – pasajero

Schedule – horario

Bus driver – chòfer

Route – ruta







When I was small, I used to mail letters for my mother.

There was a mailbox on the corner of our street.

I remember that she would mail letters to her family in California.

It cost 3 cents to send a letter 3000 miles in

3 days.


Once when I was 16 I worked with my father delivering packages before Christmas.

My Dad bought an old van and we would go to the post office to get the boxes and then deliver them in the snow.



Post office

– oficina de correo

Mail – correo

Letter - carta

Envelope - sobre

Package - paquete

Box -caja

Stamp - estampilla

Registered mail

– correo registrado

Certified mail

– correo certificado

Express delivery

–correo expreso


– el pròximo dìa

Priority - prioritario

Fragile - debil

Letter carrier

– el cartero

Mail a letter

– enviar una carta

Address - direccìon

Zip code – codigo postal

Mailing address

– la direcciòn a

Return address - desde



I want to buy stamps.


How long will it take for delivery?


When does the mail arrive?




I had my first bank account when I was 5.

I put 5 cents in my account every week.

The clerk would stamp my bank book.

I do not remember how much I saved.

And I do not remember what I spent my money on.

Maybe candy!!



Do you have a bank account?

Now there are many different banks. They all have ATM machines.

You can travel to any country in the world and use your ATM card.



When I was in Mexico I often used the ATM at Banamex.

The instructions were bilingual. But they moved too fast on the screen.

Once an American tourist was getting her money

At the ATM machine next to me. She was very frustrated. So I helped her get her money.

She did not give me a tip. Nor did she say “Thank You.”



Cash - cambiar

Checks - cheques

Deposit - depositar

Withdraw - retirar

Check balance

– balancea de cheques

Teller - cajera

Savings account

– cuenta de ahorros

Checking account

 – cuenta de cheques

Account number

– numero de cuenta

Routing  number

– el numero debajo del   cheque

ATM: -Automatic Teller Machine

– cajera automàtica

   -insert card

– añadir, poner

- PIN (personal identification number)

 - clave

- receipt – recibo

- remove your card

– retire su tarjeta



When I was a kid, the biggest holiday was, of course, Christmas.

My brother, David, woke me up every year at 4 AM.

“Paul, come on, it’s Christmas. Let’s go look at our toys.”

We went downtairs and unwrapped all our toys in 10 minutes.

Nobody else was awake.


So would eat breakfast – cereal and toast.

Then we would play!


Thanksgiving was another big holiday.

All of my father’s family would come over the house. My mother’s family lived in California.

My uncle, Warren, would crack walnuts in his hand. He was very strong.

Then we would eat!


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Presidents’ Day

Saint Patrick’s Day


July Fourth (4th)












One day when I lived in Mexico, I bought my 4 year old son, Nico, and my 6 year old daughter, Rosa, each an ice cream.

The total was 14 pesos.

Rosa said, “Dad, if two ice creams cost 14 pesos then one ice cream costs 7 pesos.”

Very good math for a six year old child!



When I was a kid, one summer there was a hurricane.

All the electricity in my city was out.

So my friend, Randy, and I went to the store on the corner.

The owner was giving away ice creams!!

We each ate about 5 ice creams that day.



When I was about 3 years old, an ice cream truck came down our street in the summer.

It was really the ice truck because in those days we used ice instead of an electric refrigerator.

Anyway, I bought my first ice cream with a nickel that my dad gave me.



We used to shout:
I scream

You scream

We all scream

For ice cream!!!!!!!!


Bought – pasado de ‘buy’


Shout - gritar






¿Quiere un nieve?

- Would you like an ice cream?

¿Quiere paleta o cono?

- Do you want a popsicle or a cone?

Quiero un cono.

 -  I want an ice cream cone.

Qiero una paleta

 - I want a popsicle.

¿Quiere paleta de agua o leche?

 - Do you want a fruit juice or ice cream popsicle?

Quiero una paleta de agua.

-I want a fruit juice popsicle.

¿Que sanores tiene?

-What flavors do you have?

Hay platano, chocolate, etc.

-There is: banana, chocolate, etc.

¿Tiene fresa?

-Do you have strawberry?

¿Tiene rellenos?

-Do you have drumsticks?

¿Cuanto cuesta?

-How much does it cost?

Cuesta ______ o 50 centavos.

- It costs ___ pesos or fifty cents.

Queremos cinco paletas de agua.

- We want five juice popsicles.

¿Cuanto es por todo?

-How much for all of them.

Por todo es  _____pesos o $1.70.

-All together it is _____ pesos or one dollar and seventy cents.



Paletero – Ice Cream Vendor

Paleta  - Popsicle

Paleta de agua – Juice popsicle

Paleta de leche - Ice cream popsicle

Bolis - Juice popsicle in a bag

Nieve, helado - Ice cream

Cono - Cone

Raspado - Snow cone

Rellenos - Drumsticks

De una bola  - Single scoop

De dos bolas - Double scoop

Sabores - Flavors

Fruta - Fruit

Tamarindo - Tamarind

Piña - Pineapple

Fresa - Strawberry

Guayaba - Guava

Uva - Grape

Coco - Coconut

Plàtano - Banana

Chocolate - Chocolate

Vainilla - Vanilla

Vainilla con cajeta - Vanilla with candied fruit





Kitchen - cocina

Chef/cook – cocinero/a

Waiter - mesero

Waitress - mesera

Dishwasher - lavaplatos

Cashier - cajera

Busperson – ayudante al mesero/a

Fork - tenedor

Spoon - cucharra

-table spoon - grande

-tea spoon - chica

Knife - cuchillo

-butter knife – para mantequilla

-steak knife – para bifstek

Plate - plato

-dinner plate- grande para la cena

Platter – plato muy grande

Saucer – plato chico para una taza

Cup - taza

Glass – vaso (tambien ‘vidrio’)

Napkin - servilleta

Bowl – plato para caldo o sopa o nieve

Breakfast - desayuno

Lunch- lonche

Dinner - cena

Supper – cena en la tarde, despues las 6

Special - especial

Menu – menu’

Clear the table – recoger la mesa

Set the table -  poner la mesa

Seat the customer – sentar al cliente

Pour the water – hechar el agua

Take the order – tomar la orden

Order the meal – ordenar la cena

Pay Leave a tip – dejar una propina


What would you like?

May I help you?



News of Hometown USA


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Pablo Rogers and here’s the news.

The police reported that someone stole flowers from the park last night. So if you see any suspicious people with flowers, call the Hometown Police station.

The High School Football team is having a big game today with Uptown High, so see if you can get to this big game.

Well, let’s hear from our weather person, Miss Susan Good.


Susan Good: Thanks Pablo, well we have a lot of weather today. First it rained last night, then we had fog in the morning, then the sun came out and it was real hot, and now it’s cold!


PR: Thank you, Susan. Here’s an announcement – Mrs. Smith of the Hometown Flower Society has announced that the flower show has been cancelled due to the fact that all the flowers were stolen!

Here she is, folks.


Mrs. Smith: Thank you, Pablo. Yes our show is going to be cancelled because some mean, nasty person stole all our flowers. Please return them if you are the person who stole our flowers.


PR: OK, Mrs. Smith, thank you for that report. Now ladies and gentlemen here is a report of the new English class with The reporter is Jack Jones.


JJ: Everybody can come on down to the computer lab and learn about computers and some English tonight at 6 PM.


PR: OK, Jack. Thank you very much.

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