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We all make mistakes when we are learning a foreign language, and usually they can be fixed easily. But we need to study specific lessons to focus on the problem.

Here are some common mistakes that people make in English that I have observed:

  1. Pronunciation: G/J, short I, V, short U, Th., etc.

  2. Confusing words that are similar but have different meanings

  3. Pronouns: people usually forget the pronouns in English because they are not used as much in Spanish.

  4. Present tense – forgetting the S at the end of the verb in the third person singular.

  5. Past tense pronunciation – confusing the three groups.

  6. Most common irregular verbs in the past tense.

  7. Progressive tenses – forgetting that they are similar to the Spanish progressive tenses.

  8. Using Do and Does to ask questions

  9. Problems with the irregular verbs in the Perfect tenses

  10. Idioms/Modismos – Spanish too has many confusing idioms!!!!!!!

  11. Phrasal verbs: these can be very confusing!!

12. Prepositions

SO – this is a good short list, which we can focus on.

What mistakes do you need help with?

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