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TEST PREPARATION by Paul Rogers, “Profe Pablo”

I can offer free lessons and classes to help people prepare to take the tests necessary for CENNI etc.

My course will be based on the my lessons already available online that you can see on PUMAROSA.COM and INGLESCONPROFEPABLO.COM



1. CENNI includes exercises to test reading comprehension, grammar, oral skills – listening, and general English skills.

2. Ellen Graber hace un referencia en su blog cennipreparation.wordpress in which she provides a link to an exam that resembles some of the test tasks that might be on the CENNI certification exams:




My course is different from other courses because I like to integrate Pronunciation /Speaking with Reading and Listening.

For example, if you can pronounce THREE and TREE you will also understand me when I say THREE – this is the connection between pronunciation and listening.

Also – if you learn the verb tenses well, you will also be able to read better, understand better and speak better.

You will also do better on the test. For example, looking at the sample test I can see that people might make mistakes because they forget the S at the third person Singular, present tense.

SO – I have written many lessons which focus of these areas of learning English. My program is bilingual so that there is no confusion about meanings or explanations.

I also have a lot of Lecturas with voice, videos and I recommend that everybody “study” Songs with Lyrics – Letras.


The Course/Lessons

What I would like to do is to start with Pronunciation and Verb tenses.

And I recommend that you always read out loud as best as you can.

In addition I will write/create new lessons:

  1. Lecturas with audio

  2. Dictados

  3. Translation exercises

  4. Pronunciation and fluency

Step-by-step you will fly through my course and be read for the CENNI and other tests!!!!

If you are interested, please send me an email at:

WhatsApp – 1-805-258-3310

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