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el vocabulario sigue



Hello, my name is Paul Rogers.

I am a man. I am six feet one inch tall.

I weigh 240 pounds.

My hair is gray and black.

My eyes are hazel.

I live in a small house.

My house is white.

I live in Ventura, California.

My mail address is:

110 North Melrose St.

My zip code is 93001

My telephone number is


805 is the area code.

I was born in the state of Massachusetts in the city of Melrose.

The date of my birth is

January 11, 1944.

Preguntando – Contestando

1. How tall is Profe. Pablo?

2. How much does Profe Pablo weigh?

3. What color are Profe Pablo´s eyes?

4. Is Profe Pablo´s house big or small?

5. What is Profe Pablo´s address?



Weigh – pesar

Hazel –

(gris, azul y verde)

Live – vivir

Address - direcciòn

Was born –

fue nacido

date – fecha

Birth - nacimiento



I usually wake up at 6 O’clock.

I get up out of bed and I go to the bathroom.

I brush my teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste and shave with a razor.

I take a shower. I wash my hair.

I dry myself with a towel.

I comb my hair.

Then I get dressed.

I put on underwear.

I put on my socks.

I put on my shirt. I button my shirt.

I put on my pants.

I put on my shoes and I tie my shoelaces.


1. What time does Profe. Pablo usually wake up?

2. With what does Profe. Pablo brush his teeth?

3. With what does Profe. Pablo shave his face?

4. How does Profe. Pablo wash his hair?

5. What time do you wake up in the morning?

6. Do you shave in the morning?


Wake up – despertarse

Get up – levantarse

Go to – ir

Brush – cepillar

Shave – rasurarse

Take – tomar

Wash – lavar

Dry – secar

Myself – mi msmo

Comb – peinar

Get dressed – vestirse

Put on – ponerse

Button – abotonarse

Tie – enlazar

Shoelaces – cordones de zapatos


I make breakfast.

Some days I eat cereal, with milk and fruit.

I also like to eat yogurt with fruit.

Some days I cook eggs.

Sometimes I fry my eggs in a frying pan.

Sometimes I boil my eggs in a pot.

I like to eat beans with my eggs.

I also like toast with my eggs and beans.

And I put salsa on my eggs.

I like to drink coffee.


What does Profe. Pablo eat for breakfast?

Does Profe. Pablo fry his eggs?

Does Profe. Pablo like to eat toast?

Does Profe. Pablo like to drink coffee or tea?

What do you eat for breakfast?

Do you drink coffee or tea?


Make – hacer

Breakfast – desayuno

Some – alguno

Eat – comer

Also – tambièn

Like – gustar

Fry – freir

Frying pan – sartonò

(pan – cazuela)

Put – poner

Drink – tomar, beber



Today is Friday, and I need to go grocery shopping.

My refrigerator is almost empty.

I need milk, eggs, bread, chicken, ketchup, mayonnaise, aand butter.

I also need carrots, corn, onions, celery, potatoes and garlic to make a chicken soup.

I make a list of things I need.

I check to see if I have enough money.

Then I get in my car.


What does Profe. Pablo need to buy?

Does profe. Pablo have enough money?

Does Profe. Pablo walk or drive to the supermarket?


Shopping –

ir de compras

Need – necesitar

Almost – casi

Empty – vacio

Things – cosas

Check – inspeccionar

Get in – subir

Get out - ?


I drive my car to the supermarket.

I get out of my car, and lock it.

I get a shopping cart and enter the supermarket, which is called -

Downtown Supermarket.

First I go to the dairy section to get milk, butter and eggs.

I am going to buy some cheese, too.

Then I go to the meat department to get the chicken.

Then I go to the vegetable section to buy my vegetables.

Ketchup and mayonnaise are in the canned goods section.


Where does Profe. Pablo get milk, butter and cheese?

Where are ketchup and mayonnaise located?

What do you buy at the supermarket when you go shopping?


Drive – manejar

Lock – cerrar

Downtown – el centro

Going to – voy a


I go to the cashier and wait in line.

The line is not too long.

The cashier is friendly.

The total comes to $22.75.

I give the cashier $25 and receive change of $2.25.

Then I go to my car and I put the groceries in the trunk.

I get in my car and drive back to my house.

I get out of my car and I bring the groceries into my kitchen.

I put away my groceries. I put the canned goods in the pantry and the other groceries in the refrigerator.


1. How much do Profe. Pablo´s groceries cost?

2. How much does Profe. Pablo give to the cashier?

3. How much does he receive in change?

4. Where does Profe. Pablo put the canned goods?

5. Do you go shopping on Friday or Saturday?

6. How much do you pay for groceries every week?


Too – demaciado

Friendly – amable

Comes to - ser igual

Receive – recibir

Trunk – tronco

Bring – traer

Put away –guardar

Groceries - abarrotes


Then I take out a big pot and fill it with water. I put the pot on the stove and turn the stove on to high heat. After the water starts to boil, I take the chicken out of its bag. I put the chicken in the pot to boil.

I add salt and pepper and also oregano and basil.

Then I cover the pot with a lid and I let the chicken boil for thirty minutes.

I cut up one onion and one clove of garlic and put them into the pot.

Then I cut up two potatoes and five carrots and put those into the pot.

After another twenty minutes I cut up five pieces of celery and put them into the pot. Then I turn down the heat and let the chicken soup simmer for another thirty minutes or until the chicken

is cooked well.

Preguntando y Contestando

Do you know how to cook?

What is your favorite meal?

How do you cook your favorite meal?

What do you do after you cook your meal and eat it?

Who does the dishes in your house?

Do you like chicken soup?

What is your recipe for chicken soup?


Pot – olla

High – alto

Heat – calor

Take out – sacar

Boil- hervir

Add – añadir

Cover – cubrir

Lid – tapa

Let – dejar, permitir

Turn down – bajar

Simmer- hervir bajo

Until – hasta

Well - bièn

Recipe - receta


It’s Saturday and I need to clean my apartment. What a mess!

OK, first I will do my laundry.

Then I will clean the stove and the refrigerator.

I have to scrub the stove.

Then I will vacuum my living room rug.

I also need to put all my things back where they belong, such as the books and newspapers.

And I need to empty all the trash into the bins outside, because the trash collector comes at 9 AM.

OK, I’m done … for now!


When does Profe. Pablo clean his apartment?

What does Profe. Pablo do first?

What time does the trash collector come to pick up the trash?

How do you clean your apartment or house?

Complete the following sentences-

_______ the laundry.

________ the floor.

_________the rug.


Mess – desordenado

Scrub – fregar

Belong – pertenecer

Such as – tal como

Trash – basura

Bins – arcones

I’m done – He terminado 9.

It’s Sunday and I have to go out and look for a new apartment. My present apartment is too small. So, I look in the Sunday newspaper under “apartments, unfurnished.”

I do not want to pay more then $1000 per month. Rent is too high!! After all, I also need to eat and put gas in my car!!

I think I will go to look at an apartment. The landlord is a man who owns several buildings. The contract says that I have to pay the first and last month’s rent of $875, and a deposit of $500. The landlord will pay the electricity and the gas.

OK, I’ll take it. $1800 bucks! Well, I can afford it right now.

Preguntando y Contestando

Why does Profe. Pablo need to find a new apartment?

How much does Profe. Pablo want to pay for an apartment?

How much is the rent for the new apartment?

How much is the total, including the deposit?

Does Profe. Pablo have to pay for the electricity and gas?


Have to – tener que

Look for – buscar

Unfurnished – sin muebles

More than – màs què

After all – despuès de todo

Think – pensar

Landlord – dueño

Owns – poseer

Several – varios

Contract – contrato

Pay – pagar

Bucks – dolares

Well – pues

Afford – proveer

Right now - ahorita


While I was driving back from my new apartment, I received a speeding ticket. I was driving 10 miles over the speed limit. I can pay the ticket of $75 or pay $95 and go to traffic court so that the ticket is not on my record. If my ticket gets on my record, my insurance rates will go up. So I have to pass the test. There’s another $75 bucks!

Preguntando y Contestando

When did Profe. Pablo get a speeding ticket?

How many miles over the speed limit was Profe. Pablo driving?

Does Profe. Pablo have a good driving record or is he a bad driver?

How many choices did Profe. Pablo have, according to the judge?

Did Profe. Pablo pass the test?

Do you drive a car?

Have you had a speeding ticket?

Have you had an accident?


While – mientras

Speeding – ir con exceso de velocidad

Ticket – boleto

Over – sobre

Can – poder

So that –

de modo que

Rates - porcentajes

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