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Mistakes are an essential part of learning, as long as we learn to correct the mistake eventually.

I tell people that if they did not make any errors, I would have no job!!

There are certain mistakes that English learners make constantly:

  1. They omit pronouns or confuse he and she, him and her.

  2. They omit the S at the end of the third person singular, present tense.

  3. They confound the present tense with the progressive or continuous tense – for example, I going to school, I’m go to school, etc.

  4. They do not know how to ask questions with Do and Does.

  5. Many mistakes are made because the students have not learned the exceptions to the rules, or idioms / modismo.

  6. Etc.

I believe that these mistakes are due at least to two causes.

First, the students were not taught correctly.

Second, because they were not properly taught, they resort to translating from Spanish.

Some people think that translating is the only cause.

But I do not think so.

Actually, translating Spanish to English is a very good exercise and can be used very effectively after the students have all had an adequate lesson on the subject.

The idea of “forcing” students to “think” in English has no basis. Actually it is almost impossible.

In any case, in an attempt to help students learn certain rules of grammar as easily and as effectively as possible, I have written lessons and made some videos on several sites and on Facebook.

My method is bilingual and phonetic and each lesson has an introduction, examples, and then exercises which involve translating from English to Spanish and then sometimes from Spanish to English. Translating from Spanish to English – with patience – can be very helpful.

You can find my course on Google: inglesconprofepablo.

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