August 27, 2016

I want to thank all translators for the work you do, which is sometimes not appreciated.

So I want to say that I appreciate you very, very much.

Speaking for myself I can say that translators have made my world a much better place.

Beginning when I was a small boy, I could read stories from all over the world:

From China to Argentina, from Mexico to Holland to Germany to France to…. Russia and Greece and Italy and ……Egypt to Turkey to …………..Japan…to……

I learned about art and people and I learned songs and food and …….

At the same time stories from my culture of the US could be translated and sent all over the world to all the kids and people who wanted to know about us!!!

In short – because of you translators, my world …and everybody else’s too – has been made into a much better and more interesting place.

Thanks a million!!!!!


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